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Writing Prompt ~ Writing Numbers

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: There are a few simple rules for writing numbers. First, spell out numbers from zero to nine. Second, use numerals for numbers 10 and up. If a sentence contains low and high numbers, choose one way of writing the numbers (spell out all of the numbers OR write them all in numerals). Finally, the simplest way of writing a number is the best way. Even though 100,000,000 is a large number, it’s easier to write “one million”. Review how to write numbers here. Pay attention to commas, spacing and hyphens. Then write a paragraph about your family using as many numbers as you can.


There are five people in my immediate family. My father is 45, my mother is 41, my brother is 15, my sister is 2, and I’m 12. We live in Montana at 345 Harrington Street. I have a large extended family, too. My dad has seven sisters, and my mom has nine brothers. We used to be poor, but my parents won the lottery a few years ago. We won $150,000! It’s not like winning a million dollars, but it’s still pretty exciting. Now we can go to expensive restaurants and private schools. My ballet class costs $800 per year. Before we won the lottery I was only in two extracurricular activities – soccer and piano. Now I can join clubs or after-school activities seven days a week! I hope I’m rich when I grow up, too.

Try this writing prompt in your notebook or on your MyEC blog.

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