Writing Prompt ~ Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The present perfect continuous tense is used to talk about an action from the past that has recently stopped or is still continuing. As with other perfect tenses, the words for and since are often used to indicate time. Review the structure and uses of the present perfect continuous tense. Then demonstrate your understanding by writing a script for a short interview between two people. Try to use for and since in your writing.

Radio host: Congratulations on winning the marathon. How long have you been running marathons?
Runner: Thank you. I have been running marathons for about three years.
Radio host: Have you been training anywhere other than Canada this year?
Runner: Yes, I’ve been training all over the world. I have only been training in Canada since the summer.
Radio host: Have you been feeling better this week? I believe you were feeling under the weather last week.
Runner: Yes, I’ve been feeling much better since Monday. I have been taking lots of vitamins and drinking lots of water.
Radio host: I understand you like to play tennis too. Have you been playing tennis for your whole life?
Runner: No, I’ve only been playing tennis for a few years. I’ve been thinking about trying out some other sports too, such as swimming.
Radio host: I’ve been watching you run for about two years now. It seems like you have been getting faster in the homestretch recently.
Runner: Thanks for noticing. Yes, I’ve been concentrating on sprinting recently. I think that is why I have been winning so much.


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