Writing Prompt ~ Proper Spacing

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: When children are taught how to print in English, they learn to put a finger after a period before they start the next sentence. Writing that is too squished together is difficult to read. In English, a space is required after a comma, colon, or semicolon (not before). You must also place a space after a period or exclamation mark (not before). Now that more people are typing or using mobile devices to write, spacing requires an action. You have to press a button to leave the required space after words, punctuation, and paragraphs. Lazy or incorrect spacing turns readers off. Even if you are trying to type on a small device, such as your phone, you should still add a space after (not before) a comma or period. Review the following types of punctuation, and pay attention to the spacing required. (Look at the spacing required with brackets, too.) Then write a paragraph about the funniest person you know. Demonstrate your understanding of spacing.


My friend Brielle is the funniest person I know. When I was pregnant with my first child, she used to come over to my house to make me laugh. She did silly things, such as put a pillow in her shirt. She made me laugh, brought me coffee, and tied my shoes! After I gave birth, she visited me in the hospital. She brought a gift for the baby and a gift for herself because it was her birthday too. I told Brielle not to make me laugh because it would hurt! She tried, but it was difficult for her not to be funny. Brielle liked to dress the baby up in funny outfits that didn’t match. Whenever we went shopping, she would put funny hats or glasses on the baby and take selfies with my camera. This was before selfies were popular! Everybody should have one funny person to hang out with. Who is your Brielle?

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