Writing Prompt ~ Question Formation

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Who would you like to interview? Imagine you are a talk show host. Write 10 questions for the guest of your dreams. Try not to ask the same type of question more than once.


My Interview with David Suzuki

  1. When did you start caring about the environment?
  2. Is Canada an environmentally friendly country?
  3. What do you want every human to know about the earth?
  4. How can we protect our oceans?
  5. Which is more important, reducing or recycling?
  6. Where is your ideal getaway in nature?
  7. Should kids learn more about the environment at school?
  8. Who is the most environmentally friendly person you know?
  9. Do you think it’s too late to save our planet?
  10. Why is climate change such a big concern?

Try this writing prompt in your notebook or on your MyEC blog.

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