Writing Prompt ~ Quite

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: When paired with a gradable adjective, the adverb quite means “fairly” or “rather”: It’s quite cold today. With a non-gradable adjective, quite means “completely”: Your answer is not quite right. In writing, people often confuse quite and quiet because the spelling is similar. (This mistake is often a typo.) The adjective quiet has two syllables (qui-et) and means not loud: It’s quiet in the library. Imagine that you are a substitute teacher. Demonstrate your understanding of quite and quiet by writing a note for the teacher who was sick today. Tell the teacher about the students’ behaviour.

Quite a Day

Hi Mrs. Ranger,
I was a supply teacher in your English classroom today. Your students were quite excited to see that they had a substitute. I guess they didn’t feel like reading today. They did everything but read. I was quite surprised how much they misbehaved. It was quite warm in the class, so they opened all the windows and then hung out of them. Some of the students yelled at kids in the schoolyard to announce that you were absent. When I told the students to be quiet they seemed quite bothered. Are they usually allowed to act like monkeys in your class? The only quiet students were Simon and Liz. They weren’t quite angels, but they at least did some work. Liz didn’t quite finish the questions, but Simon did. They both seemed quite interested in the story you assigned. The others quit reading before they finished page one. I hope you are feeling better and that you enjoyed a quiet break from these kids.
Ms. Jones

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