Writing Prompt ~ Raise/Rise

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Writing Prompt: English has some confusing words, such as raise and rise. Learn the usage rules about raise and rise. Then practise using these words in a paragraph about money, taxes, or the economy.


I can’t believe the government is going to raise our taxes again. Food prices are rising too. If this keeps up in New York City, I’m going to have to ask for a pay raise. I work for a fundraising company. I rise at 6:00am every weekday, and work until 5:00pm. (Yesterday I rose at 5:00am because I had an early meeting!) On the weekends I raise puppies to become guide dogs. (I’ve raised over 20 therapy dogs, too.) Even though I have two jobs, the cost of rent is rising, and I may not be able to keep this place for much longer. People in New York need to raise awareness about the cost of living, so that employers pay more. Urban living has risen in popularity over the past twenty years, but many people will have to go back to living in the suburbs if things don’t change.
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