Writing Prompt ~ Reported Questions

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: We use reported speech to tell someone what we have heard or seen. We use reported questions to tell someone what someone has asked. Review the structure and use of reported questions. Then write a letter to a friend telling her about a visit or chat you had with a long lost relative or friend. Use as many reported questions as possible. Remember that reported questions are punctuated with a full stop [.], not a question mark [?].


Hey Louis,

I phoned our long lost cousin Waverley this weekend. She wanted to know why Jim and I hadn’t called her in years. I told her we have been busy raising our kids. She also asked how you were doing. I told her you were studying science at university. She asked if you were going to get your PhD. When I said yes, she asked whether you would come and visit her in Montana. I told her I would ask you. It’s funny. She asked if you would visit, but she didn’t ask if I would visit. I asked her why she always liked you better. She said you guys spent a lot of time together when we were kids. Just before she left, I asked if I could come and visit her sometime. She said she was pretty busy.

Jim asked if I would ever call her again. I doubt I will.


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  1. Haveaball says:

    Dear family!
    The beginning of the letter, I don’t know to speak things arpart from sending best wishes to our family. At the moment, I’m studying well at university. If there’s not change, I will graduate from Science College on next September. The last Thurday, I called father to ask whether this summer I could go back home to take my bike with me. I’m going to go camping together with some friends and I need it to use. This could be final activity of mine prior to leaving school.
    Mother’s son.

  2. Garima says:

    Hey Namita,
    I called Manju yesterday. She was asking about you and your fiance. She wanted to know whether everything is alright between both of you. I told her that everything is fine.Further, she asked when two of you are getting married.I told her that you are trying to resolve the family issues, once everyone is convince, you will get married.


  3. Paola Suarez says:

    I was talking on phone with my Dad and he asked me how I was doing, I told him that I had traveled to NY last week, then I asked him how he was doing and he told me that he had been reading a new book from Dan Brown because he already had read the book from Benedetti

  4. andrea says:


    I was speaking with my mother, she is in Chile. I was asked when she come back to visit, she asked me whether we have space in our house, I told her that we have one bedroom to visit. She asked if she need visa, I said yes. Finally she asked me if she can flie by the end of the year.
    What do you think?

  5. Nhan says:

    if she asked me, I would say “I am pretty busy, please don’t ask me more” 🙂

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