Writing Prompt ~ Second Conditional

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: In English we use the second conditional to express things that probably won’t happen in the future. These things aren’t impossible, but they are unlikely. Review the rules for forming the second conditional. Then write about what you would do if you inherited a zoo.


My Zoo
If I inherited a zoo, I would release all of the animals back into the wild and turn my zoo into a library. I would hire some experts to teach me how to release the animals safely. If there were aquatic animals in my zoo, I would let them go first. If I had a zoo, I would not have dolphin shows. Instead, I would show films about how happy dolphins and whales are in the wild. If children came to my zoo and asked why I didn’t have any animals, I would read books to them. I would show them pictures of the animals and let them play with stuffed animal toys instead. If they asked me what the animals sounded like, I could play videos of the animals. If the children cried about my empty zoo, I would explain that the animals at my zoo were sad in their cages. I would be happy if the children learned something important at my zoo library.


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