Writing Prompt ~ See, Look, or Watch?

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The verbs “see”, “look”, and “watch” are all related to sight. They can have slightly different meanings, however, and if you choose the wrong one, it may sound awkward. Review the proper usage of see, look, and watch, and try the quiz. Then write about a movie or show that you recently watched. Try to use all three words as often as possible in your paragraph.

No News is Good News
I went to the movies this week. On the way there I saw a really bad car accident. It was so bad that I had to tell my kids to look away. The movie didn’t seem important when we arrived at the theatre. I couldn’t get the accident out of my head. That’s probably because I actually watched it happen. An SUV slammed into a small car that was stopped at a red light. I bet the driver was busy looking at his phone. At the theatre, I wanted to check my phone to see if there was any news about the accident. It was too dark, though, and I couldn’t see my phone in my purse. My husband said the accident didn’t look as bad as I thought. He said I shouldn’t interrupt the people who were watching the film. When I got home I watched the local news. There was nothing about the accident, so it looks like everybody was probably okay. “See,” my husband said, “no news is good news.”

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