Writing Prompt ~ Sentence Length

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: When you begin to learn English, your writing probably sounds a bit robotic. My name is Eva. I live in New York. I am a taxi driver. I have two kids. My son plays soccer. My daughter sings. You probably use the sentence structure known as SVO (subject + verb + object) a lot. Eventually, it is a good idea to add variety to your writing. One easy way to do this is to pay attention to sentence length. Review this resource on Sentence Variety. Then experiment with sentence length by writing the first few lines of a short story.

The wind blew. The thunder howled. For a moment, I was sure that I felt the house shake. What was that sound? I raced down the stairs to close all of the windows, but it was too late. Glass filled the halls. The kitchen window had smashed into pieces and the living room window was hanging on for dear life. I looked up at the clock. Midnight. Friday the 13th had begun with a bang.

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