Writing Prompt ~ Separable Phrasal Verbs

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Phrasal verbs are two-part or multi-part verbs. Sometimes they take a direct object (transitive), and sometimes they do not (intransitive). Transitive phrasal verbs are usually separable. In other words, you can separate the two parts of the verb with the object: I paid my boss back. If the object is a noun or noun phrase, you can also leave the verb parts together: I paid back my boss. If the object is a pronoun, you must separate the two parts of the verb: I paid him back. (NOT: I paid back him.) Review the rules for separable phrasal verbs, and choose some examples from this phrasal verbs list. Then write a letter of complaint to a business or person. Demonstrate your understanding of separable phrasal verbs.


Attn: Mark Munson,

I received your new car washing shampoo in the mail today. I always like to try products out whenever I can. However, I’m afraid I have to send this soap back. I should have known something was odd when the instructions told me to warm the soap up before using it. I can understand warming up the water, but why would I need to warm up the soap? The wind cooled it down quickly anyway. Everything seemed okay until I washed the windshield wipers. When I looked my car over, I realized the wipers were stuck to the window! I had to take them apart.

I don’t want to put you down, but I think you need to sort your product out before you get people to try it! I have already sent you a cheque for this product, but it seems you haven’t cashed it yet. Please tear it up.

Best of luck with future products.

Derrick Jones

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