Writing Prompt ~ Suffixes

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: A good way to increase your English vocabulary is to study suffixes. These are word endings that change the grammatical correctness of a word. Learn all you can about suffixes. Then choose one suffix and write a paragraph about a person you know, using as many words as you can that contain the same ending.

Example: ness

My friend Elizabeth was destined for greatness. Her office is always neat and tidy. She often says that cleanliness is the key to her success. She also wakes up early and starts her day before most people do. Elizabeth says her mind doesn’t work very well in darkness. Fitness is also important to Elizabeth. She exercises her body and mind like nobody’s business. Sadness and unhappiness are not in her vocabulary! I want Elizabeth to go on a cruise with me for my fortieth birthday, but unfortunately, she suffers from seasickness. If I didn’t have Elizabeth in my life, I would be suffering from loneliness.

Try this writing prompt in your notebook or on your MyEC blog.

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