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Writing Prompt ~ Tag Questions

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Tag questions are very common in English. They are small questions inside statements. Learn how to format a tag question in writing. Then practice writing tag questions by writing a short dialogue between a set of twins. Write positive and negative tags.


Carrie: What do you want to wear to the party today? You want to dress the same, don’t you?
Sherry: Yes. We should wear dresses, shouldn’t we?
Carrie: I guess so. You have a green dress, don’t you?
Sherry: No, I don’t, actually. We both have pink dresses, don’t we?
Carrie: Yes, you’re right. The party is at eight, isn’t it?
Sherry: I don’t know. The invitation is in your room, isn’t it?
Carrie: No. You didn’t throw it out, did you?
Sherry: I gave it to you, didn’t I?
Carrie: I don’t think so. It won’t matter if we’re late, will it?
Sherry: I guess not.

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