Writing Prompt ~ There Is/Are

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Subject-verb agreement is fairy straightforward when you have singular or plural subjects. It can be confusing when you have a series of subjects. Review the rules for there is/are here. Then write a note for a house guest. Be sure to provide many different examples of there is/are.


Dear Annie,
Please make yourself at home. There is a clean facecloth on the washroom counter for you. There are pink guest towels in the linen closet. Help yourself to any essentials you need. There’s shampoo, conditioner, and soap in the shower. If you get hungry, the refrigerator is full. There are apples and bananas in the fruit drawer. There’s also cheese, bread, and meat for lunch. Or, if you want, there is leftover pizza in the freezer. I think there are three slices of pepperoni pizza in the blue container. There aren’t any vegetarian slices. There’s a lot of veggie soup, though. I can’t remember if you drink coffee or tea. There is a jar of coffee in the cupboard above the dishwasher. If you prefer tea, there are many kinds to choose from. I’ll be home at 5:00pm. I hope there is a good movie on TV tonight.
See you soon!


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