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Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt ~ Used To

Writing Prompt: The expressions “be/get used to” and “used to do” cause difficulties for English learners. Review the basic structures of “be used to” and “used to do”. Then write a paragraph about traffic or road conditions. Use “be used to” (accustomed to) and “used to do” (past habits or activities) in your paragraph.

I am used to driving in Canada

My dad used to drive on the highway a lot. He was used to traffic. He used to leave at 6am and return home at 6pm. It used to take him almost two hours each way. I am not used to this kind of traffic. I live in a small town. I’m used to two-lane highways, not 16-lane highways! I used to live in a big city in the UK, but I couldn’t get used to the loud noise and traffic. Because I am used to driving on the right side of the road, I found it difficult to drive in England. I didn’t use to drive on the highways there unless I had to! I don’t think Canadians ever get used to driving on the left side. Are you used to driving on the left or the right?

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