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Writing Prompt ~ Whose and Who’s

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The words “whose” and “who’s” sound the same but have different uses. They are commonly confused in written English by language learners and native speakers. The word “whose” can be a possessive adjective or a pronoun and means “belonging to whom”. The word “who’s” is a contraction of “who is” or “who has”. Review this resource on possessive adjectives and interrogative pronouns. Then write an email to your family members about a bunch of items that you found at your house after a get together. Demonstrate your understanding of “whose” and “who’s”.

Whose socks are these?

Hi everyone!
Thanks for coming on Sunday. Who’s up for having another party soon? I am! By the way, whose son is missing a black jacket? I found one in my coat closet. Somebody also left some red socks. I’ve attached a picture. Whose socks are these? Also, who’s the owner of the Star Wars DVD? I don’t think it belongs to us. And last but not least, who’s going to come back and help me clean up? I bet you can guess whose car suddenly needed an oil change when it was clean up time!

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