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Writing Prompt ~ How to Write Numbers

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: You know how to count in English, but do you know how to write numbers in English? When it comes to writing numbers, you need to be able to spell them properly and write them out properly numerically. Single-digit whole numbers (without decimals) are typically written out. Numbers above 10 are often written numerically. Sometimes, you need to write out large numbers, though. It’s good to learn how to spell double-digit numbers as well as numbers in the hundreds, thousands, and even millions. Review these important rules about writing numbers. Then write a short letter to a teacher using as many numbers as you can. Write out all (or most) of the numbers in word form (not numeral form).


Dear Mr Fox,

There are twenty-five students in our class, and about half of us are lost! I mean, at least twelve of us didn’t have a clue what you are talking about in science class today. First, we didn’t understand Newton’s Second Law. Did you forget that we are only in grade ten? This feels like grade-twelve work! Second, you confuse us when you talk about pounds instead of kilograms. I have no idea how many pounds are in one hundred and twenty kilograms. Can you tell us where to find a conversion table? Third, your classes always run late. One time you kept us half an hour after class. I have a bus to catch after school. It takes sixty minutes to get home by bus. My parents were not happy when I asked them to pick me up at four o’clock that day. I’m fifteen years old, and I’m starting to think seriously about my future. I don’t want to fail science class!

Can we arrange a meeting to talk about these problems? My phone number is (222)777-9000.



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