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Writing Prompt ~ Auxiliary Verbs in Questions

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Question formation can be tricky in English. It is usually easy for English learners to learn the correct question words (who, why, what, where, etc.), but difficult to learn how to use the small helping words called “auxiliary verbs”. For example, a person may incorrectly ask, “Why she acting like that?” instead of “Why is she acting like that?” You may also hear English learners say, “How you do it?” rather than “How do you do it?” It takes a lot of practice to get the little words right. Incorrect question formation can become a fossilized error. This means that over time it begins to sound right to you, and even your friends and teachers may accept that this is how you speak or write. Review the following types of questions and pay special attention to the auxiliary verbs. Then write a monologue (a conversation with one’s self) that is going on inside your head about something that is bothering you or causing you stress. Try to use only questions.

My Son

What is my son’s problem these days? Why does he act so rude? Does he want to get in trouble all of the time? Does he want to make his own dinner and do his own laundry? Why should I buy him a birthday present? Why should I throw him a party? What has he done to deserve a gift and a party? Is he always going to have a bad attitude? Is this just a stage? Will my younger son learn his big brother’s bad behaviour? Why hasn’t my husband done anything about it? Did my husband act like this when he was 10? How can I stop worrying about my son?

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