Writing Prompt ~ Collocations with Do

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: In English, certain words are often found together. These words are called collocations. Do business, do the shopping, and do the taxes are a few examples of collocations with do. Use these collocations (and find some additional ones) to write an email to a romantic partner or roommate complaining about everything you do around the house.

To: markluongo@home.com
From: kerryluongo@home.com
Subject: Do something!


I’m tired of doing everything around this house. I do the laundry every Wednesday. I do the dishes after every meal. When it’s tax time, I do the taxes. I even do your hair for you when you have to do business with an important client. What do you do for me? I know you do the yard work, but there’s not much to do around the yard in the winter.

Can you do me a favour? Help out a little! Do a little housework on the weekend. If you get home first, do the cooking! (And I will do likewise.)

Whatever you do, do something!


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