Writing Prompt ~ Going To

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: What are you going to do today? “Going to” is used for future plans or intentions. It can also be used to predict the future based on evidence. Review how to use going to here. Then demonstrate your understanding by writing a postcard to a friend or family member from a destination you just reached. Explain what you are going to do this week. Include some predictions based on evidence.


Hi Tracey,

We just arrived in Florida. I am going to unpack our bags after I write this postcard. It is raining now, but I think it’s going to clear up soon. We’re going to go to the beach when the sun comes out. It’s going to be very hot. I’m going to bring an umbrella, a hat, and some sunscreen. We’re going to order a pizza tonight. Your dad doesn’t feel like going out for dinner tonight because we’re going to be eating out a lot this week. I’m going to miss you! See you next week.

Love Mom

PS: When are you going to go on holiday?

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