Writing Prompt ~ It’s Vs. Its

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Many people confuse “it’s” and “its” in writing. In fact, this is one of the most common errors in written English. Sometimes the error is an innocent typo. Other times the writer doesn’t know which word to choose and guesses. There is no reason to guess. Simply write “it’s” (contraction) if you mean it is or it has. Use “its” to indicate neutral possession. For example, use “its” to show possession if you don’t know an animal’s gender. The dog scratched its chin. Also use “its” to indicate possession for a “thing” that doesn’t have a gender. The company closed its doors. Review these rules about it’s vs its and try the quiz. Then demonstrate your understanding by describing your favourite type of candy or sweet. Use examples of “it’s” and “its” in your writing.


It’s difficult to choose my favourite type of candy. I love all sweets. I probably love chocolate the best. It’s the first thing I look for when I’m having a bad day. Some people say it’s good for you. I doubt that. Chocolate many not be good for the body, but it’s definitely good for the soul. Chocolate tastes good in baking and in beverages. Chocolate is delicious on its own, too. Chocolate isn’t good for dogs, though. My neighbour’s dog almost lost its life from eating chocolate. I think it’s wise to keep your chocolate up high rather than on your counter if you have a pet dog.

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