Writing Prompt ~ Non-Gradable Adjectives

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: An adjective is a describing word. Some adjectives are gradable, and others are not. Non-gradable adjectives are words that do not vary in intensity or grade. Review the difference between gradable and non-gradable adjectives, and learn the main reasons why some adjectives aren’t gradable. Then write a paragraph describing a pet or animal that is no longer alive. Use as many non-gradable adjectives as possible.


Tammy was a unique dog. She was black and enormous. Despite her size, she was terrified of children. Whenever a baby or young child came by, Tammy ran away. One day, Tammy ran so fast from our neighbour that she bumped into a brick wall. Tammy got a huge bump on her head. The bump became infected. It was impossible for the vet to save her. I’m sad that she is dead. Other than being afraid of kids, she was a superb pet.

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