Writing Prompt ~ Phrasal Verbs With “Hand”

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: There are many phrasal verbs that contain the word “hand”. The words “hand out”, “hand in”, “hand around”, “hand back”, and “hand down” are all common words with different meanings. Review the meanings of these phrasal verbs with “hand”. Then write a description of a party or get-together that you had. Try to use all of the phrasal verbs in your paragraph.


Last week it was Halloween. I handed out candy to children for a few hours. Then I hosted my book club party. My boyfriend handed around drinks, while I handed out the discussion questions. We all enjoyed talking about this month’s spooky mystery book. When my sister-in-law was leaving, I told her to hand over my book. She looked surprised and said it was her book. I shook my head and told her to look inside the book. It had my name written inside it. She laughed and handed it back to me. My grandma always told me to put my name inside books before I let people borrow them. Grandma handed down a lot of great wisdom like that. For example, she told me to draw a happy face beside my name before I hand my homework in. I will hand this advice on to my own children.

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