Writing Prompt ~ Say or Tell?

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The words “say” and “tell” have similar meanings in English, but are used differently in a sentence. Review the rules, usage, and fixed phrases for “say” and “tell”. Then demonstrate your understanding by writing a letter to a friend telling him or her about a conversation you had with a teacher, professor, or other authority figure. Use “say” and “tell” in as many ways as you can.

Hi Ella,
You will be happy to know that I spoke to Ms. Wilder about our project. She said we have to think of a different topic. She told me that another group is already doing a project on Greek architecture. I told her that we had already worked on our project for three hours, but she said that was our own fault. “You were supposed to get the topic approved,” she said. I told a bit of a lie. I said we told the supply teacher our topic last week. She said she didn’t hear anything about that. I think she could tell that I wasn’t telling the truth. My mom says I’m not a good liar. Ms. Wilder told me to go to the principal if I thought she was being unfair. I can’t believe she said that, can you? At the beginning of the year, the principal told everybody that he supports his teachers and doesn’t overrule them when it comes to assignments. I guess you could say we’re out of luck!

So, what topic do you want to use. What do you say we do our project on ancient laws?
Call me!

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