Writing Prompt ~ Should

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The word should is a modal auxiliary verb. It has many uses in English. One common mistake English learners make with should is to follow it with an infinitive verb: You should to call your mom. The auxiliary verb should is usually followed by the base verb: You should call your mom. Should is sometimes followed by have + past participle or be + -ing verb. Review the structure and many uses of should. Then write a letter of advice to someone. Use as many different examples of should as you can.


Dear Amy,

What are you doing this weekend? You should come over on Saturday. If you come, you should bring your bathing suit. It should be nice out. Mark says we should be able to swim.

Did I tell you our puppy got into the pool? We should have been watching him. Or, we should have closed the gate. Luckily, our neighbour’s kids heard the puppy splashing around. I should buy them some ice cream to thank them.

Anyway, come anytime after five on Saturday. We should be home from soccer practice by then.


PS: Should I get a baby gate for the puppy? If you still have one, you should bring it for me.


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