Writing Prompt ~ So and Such

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: English learners sometimes confuse “so” and “such”. You can use “so” before an adjective or adverb without a noun. For example: She is so nice. She sings so nicely. The word “so” is often used before “many” or “much”, too. I have so much to do. Use “such” before an adjective + noun. For example: It is such a nice day. Practise using so and such before adjectives and nouns. Use the topic “Such a Nice Day”, and write a journal entry about a happy memory.


We had such a nice day on Tuesday. It was so nice outside. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We took the kids to the San Diego Zoo. It is such a big zoo! There are so many animals, and we saw so many exhibits. The people who made the zoo put so much thought into every exhibit. I’ve have never seen such a well-organized zoo. There was so much to do! The kids were so tired after our day at the zoo. I’ve never seen such tired kids. It was such a wonderful day. We made so many memories.

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