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Writing Prompt ~ Sometimes, Sometime, Some Time

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Similar words in English often mean different things or have different uses. The adverb sometimes means occasionally. I sometimes wear jeans. When you drop the “s” the adverb means at an unspecified time. Come over sometime, and I’ll show you how to knit. You can also break the word in two: some time. Now the phrase means “a noticeable amount of time”. You haven’t come to visit in quite some time. The word “quite” often precedes “some time”. Write a paragraph that demonstrates your understanding of these three uses. Use the topic “learning English”.


I sometimes take a dictionary to bed with me. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. You can’t learn English quickly. It takes some time to learn how this language works. Sometimes, words mean different things when you break them in two. If you have some time today, make a list of homonyms that you know. And sometime, when you have nothing better to do, look up the different meanings of the word “set”. Sometimes dictionaries list dozens of meanings for this word! It would take quite some time to learn them all. Ready set go!

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