Writing Prompt ~ Subjunctive Mood

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The subjunctive mood is a special verb form in English. Review the reasons why the subjunctive is used in English. Then review some common examples of the base subjunctive. Demonstrate your understanding of the base subjunctive by writing a letter from one family member to another family member about a doctor’s suggestions and recommendations regarding someone’s health. You may also want to review and include an example of were-Subjunctive. Remember that the verb does not change according to person with the subjunctive mood.

To: ella@home.com
From: dad@home.com
Subject: My Health

Hi Dear,

I have just returned from the doctor’s office. The doctor suggested that I tell a loved one about my visit. First, he said it is advisable that I rest next week. He suggested that I work from home until my next visit. He requested that I keep a food diary. He also said that it was essential that I stop smoking. It is also vital that I not drink alcohol while I’m on this new medication. My doctor insisted that I discuss my health with my family. In fact, he recommended that you come to my visit next time.

I wish you were closer and I wish I were healthier.



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