Writing Prompt ~ Would

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The word “would” has many different uses in English. One common mistake English learners make with “would” is to follow it with an infinitive verb: I would to like that. The auxiliary verb “would” is always followed by the bare infinitive (without to): I would like that. Review the many uses of “would”. Then write a letter of confession to someone. Use as many different examples of “would” as you can.


Dear Pierre,

I would like to tell you something that has been on my mind. I wanted to mention this a few years ago, but I was afraid you would think I was crazy. Remember when we were in grade nine and we would sneak out of school and watch movies at your house? One time I stole ten dollars from your father’s desk. I really wanted a new guitar magazine, and I didn’t have enough money to buy it myself. I knew my parents would say no if I asked them for the money. Anyway, I would have paid your dad back, but you guys moved away and I never got the chance. Would it be weird for me to give him the money next weekend when I see him at our college graduation? If you would like to meet for a coffee to talk about this, I’m available any evening this week! I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in front of your dad. Does he know we used to skip school? (We would always argue about which movie to watch, and then we’d end up playing video games.)

Respond if you have time! Even though it has been many years, I’d really like to make this right.


PS: I would appreciate if you didn’t tell anyone else about this. I’m a little embarrassed myself!

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