Writing Prompt ~ Capital I

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: One of the most common writing mistakes English learners make is using a lower case i instead of a capital I for the personal pronoun “I”. If you want your writing to look polished, be sure to use a capital I every time, even in informal writing (texting/chat). This song may help you remember this very simple and important rule. The word “English” must also be capitalized every time. English learners often forget to capitalize this word. Write a paragraph about mistakes that you commonly make in English. Use “I” and “English” as many times as you can!


I love English. English is a language that I want to master. One mistake that I often make in English is using a comma incorrectly. I need to practise using commas. My English teacher says that I should use a comma when there is a natural pause in English. Even though I look up the rules for commas regularly, I still have problems with them when I write in English. I am going to try to use commas correctly when I write in my English journal.

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