Writing Prompts ~ Reciprocal Pronouns

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: The word “reciprocate” means to give or feel in return. In English, there are two reciprocal pronouns to learn: each other and one another. Fortunately, they mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. One thing to remember is that they are always two words. Another thing to remember is that there are always two subjects involved. Review the proper usage of reciprocal pronouns. Then describe the relationship you have with a close friend or family member. Be sure to use as many reciprocal pronouns as you can.

We Adore Each Other
Ally and I have been friends for over twenty years. We love each other more than words can say. In all of our grade school pictures, we are standing next to each other. We would even call each other to coordinate our outfits. These days we help each other when our husbands are away or when we’re having a bad day. The only time we argue is when our football teams play against each other. We have a big group of friends and we all cheer for different football teams. We like to tease one another when the games are on. Unfortunately, our dogs hate each other. While Ally and I follow each other everywhere, our dogs stay as far away from each other as possible!

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