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Sample Meeting Schedule For English Clubs

Activity Leader
Week 1 Introductory Meeting
Getting-to-know you
Sign-up for leadership tasks
Week 2 Warm-up: Fact or Fiction
Theme: Music/Other
Week 3 Warm-up: 20 Questions
Theme: Poetry/Other__________
Week 4 Warm-up: Chain Fairytale
Theme: Current Events/Other__________
Jan. 29th Club Outing:
Pub Night (place TBA)

Week 5 Warm-up: Fact or Fiction
Theme: Food/Other__________
Week 6 Warm-up: Draw the picture
Theme: Movies/Other__________
Week 7 Warm-up: Fact or Fiction
Theme: Family/Other__________
Week 8 Warm-up: Categories
Theme: Sport/Other__________
Feb. 28th Club Outing:
Bowling (place TBA)

Week 9 Warm-up: Who am I?
Theme: Celebrities/Other__________
Week 10 Warm-up: 20 questions
Theme: The Future/Other__________
Week 11 Warm-up: Hot Seat
Theme: Fashion/Other__________
Week 12 Warm-up: YES/NO game
Theme: Travel/Other__________
Mar. 30th Club Outing:
Volunteer Soup Kitchen/other

TBA = To Be Announced (the information is not yet known)

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