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Airline Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is based on our airline vocabulary page, part of the EnglishClub English for Work series.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I'll assign you a) a cabin b) a baggage c) an aisle seat to give you more room to stretch your legs out.
2. The captain and his co-pilot sit in the a) emergency exit b) cockpit c) overhead compartment.
3. Passengers must stay seated on the plane during the one-hour hour a) stopover b) baggage claim c) gates.
4. When you paid for your airfare online, you should have printed your a) excess baggage b) passport c) e-ticket.
5. You are seated in a) aisle b) compartment c) row 30, seat B.
6. a) Luggage b) Jet lag c) Refreshments will be served before we begin the in-flight movie.
7. In the unlikely event of a water landing, a) life vests b) motion sickness c) seatbelts can be found underneath your seats.
8. Please fasten your a) runway b) steward c) seatbelts while the captain prepares for take-off.
9. In about five minutes we will get ready to a) taxi in b) taxi out c) taxi up to the runway.
10. We are about to go through a large pocket of a) stopover b) touch down c) turbulence so prepare for a bumpy ride.