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Customer Service for Cashiers

In many businesses, the cashier is the first person a customer sees. In fact, in the majority of sales situations the cashier is the only employee a customer actually speaks to. Customers are more likely to return to the same business if the cashiers are friendly, helpful, and polite. Though your time with each customer is short, your role in their day is important. You could be the one to put a smile on their face and the one who convinces them to come again another time.

Customer Service: Language

Here are some expressions to practise and use on the job. Refer to cashier vocabulary for any words you don't know.

  • Did you find everything you were looking for today?
  • Has it warmed up/cooled down/dried up out there yet? (More small talk)
  • Are you interested in taking part in our promotion?
  • I apologize for the wait.
  • I'm new at this job. Thank you for your patience.
  • I'm going to have to call to get a price check.
  • Do you need a hand out with your bags?
  • Have a wonderful day.
  • Thanks for shopping at...
  • Please come again.
  • See you again soon.

Sample Customer Service Encounters: Speaking Practice

Find an English friend to practise with. Take turns being cashier and customer.

Making a sale (upselling)

Cashier: I see you've chosen some nice blouses from our fall line. Are you aware of our promotion today?

Customer: No, actually, I'm not.

Cashier: All men's and lady's fall tops are on buy one get one free.

Customer: Oh, that's great.

Cashier: Would you like to look around some more? There are some great men's dress shirts at the back of the store.

Customer: No thank you. I can't shop for my husband. He never likes what I pick out for him.

Cashier: (laughs) So, just these two blouses today then?

Customer: Yes, that's all for today.

Handling a complaint

Cashier: How was your meal today?

Customer: Well, the food was good as it always is. We were a bit disappointed in the service tonight, though.

Cashier: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like to fill out a comment card? Or I could get a manager for you.

Customer: That's okay. We know it's your peak time. We usually try to come a little earlier before the rush.

Cashier: Well, I'd like to make it up to you. I'm going to give you a discount today. I'll take your drinks and dessert off the bill.

Customer: Oh, that would be nice. Thank you.

Cashier: No, thank you. Your satisfaction is important to us. Here's a coupon for your next visit. Please come again.

Customer: Thank you. We will.

Customer Service: Listening Practice

Listen to the customer enquiries below that take place at a checkout area. Read the three possible cashier responses for each enquiry. Which is the correct response? Check your answers.


Cashier response:


Cashier response:


Cashier response:

Listening Transcripts

  1. "I've just spent an hour trying on a bunch of spring clothes. I picked out these three dresses, but I just realized I forgot my wallet at home. These are the last dresses in my size. Would you be able to put them on layaway for me?"
  2. "There was no price on these shoes, and I couldn't find another pair that was the same. Would you be able to scan them for me? There was a sign that said fifty percent off."
  3. "I was wondering if you could help me. I did a taste test in Aisle 3 and I tried these crackers that were really good. I'd like to purchase some, but I wasn't able to find them. They were called Snackaroos."