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Cashier Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is based on our cashier vocabulary page, part of EnglishClub's English for Work series.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Another word for "money" is a) tally b) tender c) sale.
2. The drawer in a cash register is the a) shelf b) receipt c) till.
3. POS stands for a) price of supplies b) punch out shift c) point of sale.
4. When customers bring damaged products back to a store they usually get a a) retailer b) rain check c) refund.
5. Clothing, books, and toys are examples of a) services b) consumers c) merchandise.
6. A a) key b) debit c) gift is another word for "bank card."
7. A product that costs less today than it did yesterday is a) on half b) on check c) on sale.
8. Grocery stores are usually divided into many separate a) aisles b) codes c) bills.
9. Customers who want to pay for their products should go to the a) charge b) checkout c) cash advance.
10. Cashiers must have friendly a) denomination b) feed c) customer service skills.