English for Cashiers

cash registerAre you looking for a job in a foreign country? Many foreign workers start out as cashiers. You can learn a lot of English in this job. Cashiers work in grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and other businesses. Cashiers play an important role in many businesses.

The word cashier means someone who handles "cash" and other types of money in a shop, store, restaurant, bank or other business. But see the EnglishClub Tip below for more on this.

Most cashiers receive training on the job. Your training may be difficult if your supervisor doesn't speak your native language. These pages will help you learn and practise vocabulary and expressions related to working as a cashier. Read and listen to the lessons. Then take the quizzes to test your comprehension.

For the purpose of these pages, EnglishClub uses the general term cashier. Many cashiers do much more than accept payment for purchases. They also handle customer complaints, direct customers to products, and share product knowledge. Some cashiers are also responsible for food preparation and cleaning. Some companies use other terms for cashiers including:
  • clerk, teller, sales associate