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Understanding Your Guests Quiz

This quiz for food and drink serving staff is based on the English covered by our F&B vocabulary page.

How will your guests respond to your questions? They need to understand you, but even more importantly, you need to understand them! Choose the right word and check your answers.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. We'll take a a) picture b) pitcher c) bunch of beer with four glasses, please.
2. I think we are all ready to a) border b) request c) order.
3. Can we look at the a) specials b) details c) sessions please?
4. I think we'll get another order of garlic bread to a) bite b) have c) go.
5. I like my steak a) raw b) medium rare c) dead so there is a little pink in the middle.
6. Do you have any a) pepper b) meat c) sauce to dip the chicken fingers in?
7. Everything is a) delicious b) late c) checked, thank you.
8. I can't eat another a) drink b) thought c) bite.
9. We'll have coffee while we look at the dessert a) delicious b) menu c) bowl.
10. You can put it all on one a) bowl b) glass c) bill, thanks.