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Serving at Table Quiz

This quiz for food and drink serving staff is based on the English covered by our F&B vocabulary page.

Are you ready to serve your first table? Here are some questions that you may need to ask your guests. Choose the appropriate word in each case. Check your answers and then move on to the guests' responses.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Can I a) bother b) interest c) interact anyone in a cold beverage to start?
2. Has everyone a) choosed b) picked c) decided, or do you need a few more minutes with the menu?
3. Would you like to hear today's a) specials b) seasons c) leftovers?
4. Is anyone interested in soup or salad as an a) alcohol b) a la mode c) appetizer?
5. How would you like your steak a) poured b) to look c) cooked?
6. Is there anything else you'll be a) to need b) needed c) needing?
7. And how is everything a) so far b) so good c) so fine?
8. Are you all a) great b) complete c) finished with your first course?
9. Did anyone a) serve b) get c) save room for dessert?
10. Is this all together, or would you like a) some b) other c) separate bills?