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Food and Beverage Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz for food and drink staff is based on the English covered by our F&B vocabulary page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I have to a) debit b) charge c) book off next Saturday because it's my birthday.
2. Your a) busboy b) sous chef c) waiter will be by in a moment to take a drink order.
3. Some of our regulars were so drunk they had to be a) cut off b) last call c) defrosted and sent home in taxis.
4. Can you bring table #2 some a) debits b) silverware c) paycheques so they can eat their dinner?
5. I'll write down that I started at nine o'clock, because I forgot to a) punch in b) cash out c) take out.
6. The cheese on these nachos isn't a) fried b) boiled c) melted enough.
7. We have two domestic and two imported beers on a) mild b) draft c) homemade.
8. I'll take a gin and soda a) on the rocks b) on the side c) à la carte.
9. Seniors get a a) dessert b) discount c) sauce on food, but not on liquor.
10. The reservation requested a a) dishpit b) restroom c) booth if there's one available at seven.