English for Food and Beverage (F&B) Staff

These pages from our English for Work series cover language needed by people working in restaurants and bars in an English-speaking context.

food and drink staffAre you a chef, bartender, or waiter/waitress working in a tourist spot? Maybe you're a student who wants to work part-time in a restaurant while you go to school abroad. Whatever the case may be, you will come across many English customers and staff members in the food and beverage industry. These pages are designed to help people who are employed, or looking for work in many different areas of the hospitality industry, including in the kitchen, on the floor, or behind the bar. You will learn helpful English vocabulary and expressions that will allow your guests to enjoy their dining experience and help you to communicate with your fellow staff members. Studying and practicing Food and Beverage English and gaining a better understanding of the industry may even help you find a job. Do the exercises and take the quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding.