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Checking Guests In and Out

front deskThese are typical phrases and expressions to use when when a guest checks in or checks out of your hotel. Review these expressions and read the sample conversation. Then test your understanding with the quick quiz.

Note that the verbs check in and check out are separable phrasal verbs. So Mr Brown can check in. And you can check Mr Brown in, or you can check in Mr Brown. Using a pronoun (e.g. him), you can check him in. But you cannot check in him. The same is true for check out.

Check In

Front Desk Receptionist

  • What name is the reservation under?
  • How long will you be staying?
  • Are you planning on checking out tomorrow?
  • I'm afraid you can't check in until after 4:00 pm.
  • What type of vehicle are you driving?
  • Do you know the license plate number of your vehicle?
  • Complimentary breakfast is served in the lobby between 8 and 10 am.
  • I'll give you two room keys.
  • The dining room is on the main floor at the end of the hall.
  • The weight room and sauna are on the top floor.
  • Just call the front desk if you need any extra towels or pillows.


  • We have a reservation under Jill McMann.
  • Do you have any vacancies?
  • Is the hotel booked, or can we get a room for tonight?
  • How do we get to our room from here?
  • Is it okay to park out front?
  • What time is the pool open until?
  • What time is breakfast served at?
  • Is it too early to check in?
  • Can we get a wake-up call?
  • When is check out time?

Check Out

Front Desk Receptionist

  • Are you ready to check out?
  • What room were you in?
  • How was your stay?
  • Was everything satisfactory?
  • Will you be putting this on your card?
  • And how will you be paying for this?
  • Would you like to speak to the hotel manager on duty?
  • I'll just need your room keys, please.
  • Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
  • Have a safe trip home.


  • We're checking out of room 401.
  • Sorry we're a bit late checking out.
  • I'm afraid we overslept/slept in.
  • We really enjoyed our stay.
  • We have a few complaints.
  • We'll be back next time we're in town.

Sample Conversation

Receptionist: Hi there. Are you checking out now?

Guest: Yes, sorry. I know we're a few minutes late.

Receptionist: That's no problem. It's always really busy at check out time anyway.

Guest: Oh, really. The last hotel we stayed in charged us for a late check out.

Receptionist: The hotel isn't booked this week, so it's not a problem. How was everything?

Guest: The room was great. The beds were really comfortable, and we weren't expecting our own fridge.

Receptionist: I'm glad you liked it.

Guest: The kids were disappointed that the pool wasn't open this morning, though.

Receptionist: I apologize for that. We can't get a cleaner in any earlier than 10 am.

Guest: Well we had a nice swim last night anyhow.

Receptionist: Will you be putting this on your credit card?

Guest: No. I'll pay cash.

Receptionist: OK. So the total comes to $123.67, including tax.

Guest: I thought it was $115 even. That's what they said yesterday when we checked in.

Receptionist: Yes, but there is an extra room charge on your bill.

Guest: Oh, I forgot. My husband ordered a plate of nachos. Sorry.

Receptionist: No problem. So...from $140, here's your change. Now, I'll just need to ask you for your room keys.

Check your understanding

Test your understanding of the conversation above with this quick quiz.

1. Why does the guest apologize when she arrives at the front desk?

she forgot to pay
she is late checking out
her credit card isn't working
a) she forgot to pay b) she is late checking out c) her credit card isn't working

2. Which of the following did the woman's family NOT like about the hotel?

the pool hours
the room rates
the bed linen
a) the pool hours b) the room rates c) the bed linen

3. What was the woman charged for besides the room rate?

telephone use
room service
pool towels
a) telephone use b) room service c) pool towels

Your score is:

Correct answers: