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Housekeeping Instructions Audio Quiz

In addition to creating checklists and reading written instructions, housekeepers also need to comprehend spoken instructions. Test your ability to understand typical housekeeping instructions by doing the following audio quiz.

Listening Practice

Below are five audio recordings of client instructions (A to E). Listen to each and answer the questions. We recommend that you answer all 15 questions before checking your answers. Then listen again while reading the transcripts at the end (which will help you understand why you got any wrong answers).

A. Listen and answer

1. What must the housekeeper do after the general cleaning?

go shopping
do laundry
do the dishes
a) go shopping b) do laundry c) do the dishes

2. How should the housekeeper separate the clothes?

dirty and clean
new and old
light and dark
a) dirty and clean b) new and old c) light and dark

3. What does the housekeeper NOT have to do?

put clothes away
dry clothes
fold clothes
a) put clothes away b) dry clothes c) fold clothes

B. Listen and answer

4. Which word best describes the client's opinion of the housekeeper?

a) forgetful b) hard-working c) lazy

5. What is the housekeeper's main job today?

to clean the oven
to clean the fridge and freezer
to cook dinner
a) to clean the oven b) to clean the fridge and freezer c) to cook dinner

6. What should the housekeeper do if he or she cannot find the sponges?

go upstairs and ask
phone the client
e-mail the client
a) go upstairs and ask b) phone the client c) e-mail the client

C. Listen and answer

7. Where will the children be while the housekeeper works?

in the playroom
in their bedrooms
at school
a) in the playroom b) in their bedrooms c) at school

8. What type of housework is required today?

tidying up
throwing away toys
mopping floors
a) tidying up b) throwing away toys c) mopping floors

9. What time must the housekeeper leave to pick up the kids?

a) 3:00 b) 3:15 c) 3:30

D. Listen and answer

10. What area of the house did the housekeeper concentrate on last time?

the upstairs
the kitchen
the main floor
a) the upstairs b) the kitchen c) the main floor

11. What does NOT need to be done upstairs?

a) vacuuming b) dusting c) tidying

12. What should the housekeeper do with the winter clothes?

wear them
wash them
give them away
a) wear them b) wash them c) give them away

E. Listen and answer

13. Where is the housekeeper also asked to go?

to the dry cleaners
to the post office
to the grocery store
a) to the dry cleaners b) to the post office c) to the grocery store

14. Which appliance is broken?

the oven
the vacuum
the washing machine
a) the oven b) the vacuum c) the washing machine

15. What cleaning job is required?

load the dishwasher
scrub the pots and pans
clean the kitchen
a) load the dishwasher b) scrub the pots and pans c) clean the kitchen

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