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Housekeeping Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is based on our housekeeping vocabulary page, part of the EnglishClub English for Work series.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Which of the following is NOT used for cleaning floors? a) broom b) dustpan c) dishwasher
2. Deodorizer is used to a) remove stains b) remove smells c) wash windows.
3. A garbage bag goes inside a garbage a) bin b) detergent c) hose.
4. To fry eggs you would use a a) stove b) dishwasher c) vacuum.
5. The opposite of messy is a) dirty b) tidy c) damp.
6. If the toilet water won't go down the drain, the drain is a) clogged b) plagued c) bagged.
7. Polishing the floors makes them a) shiny b) dusty c) organized.
8. A pillow goes into a pillow a) bag b) towel c) case.
9. After the laundry is done, you need to hang or a) stain b) rinse c) fold the clothes.
10. The largest type of bed sheet is a a) single b) king c) queen.