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Human Body English Test

This test is based on our human body vocabulary page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Your tonsils can get swollen when you have a sore a) thigh b) toe c) throat.
2. The a) elbow b) ankle c) shoulder is located in the middle of the arm.
3. My Dad's little a) thumb b) toe c) wrist was lost in the accident.
4. The patient lost so much weight his a) calves b) thigh c) cheeks were sunken in.
5. We'll put a cool cloth on your a) knees b) tongue c) forehead to get your fever down.
6. Another word for belly button is a) knee b) navel c) chest.
7. The newborn is getting his a) thigh b) nappy c) shin changed in the nursery.
8. She may never walk again because her a) uterus b) spine c) finger was so badly injured.
9. The a) limb b) tooth c) skin on his knee was scraped off when he hit the road.
10. Your grandfather will be able to walk better after his a) chin b) waist c) hip surgery.