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Police Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is based on our police vocabulary page, part of our English for Police section.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. The opposite of guilty is a) arrested b) innocent c) wanted.
2. An a) intruder b) offender c) officer is a person who enters a house or business illegally.
3. Some misdemeanors are punishable by paying a a) patrol b) fine c) radar.
4. The person a police officer works closest beside every day is his a) offender b) partner c) convict.
5. Dealing drugs behind a restaurant is an example of a a) pickpocket b) back-up c) street crime.
6. When a man commits a felony he gets taken into police a) custody b) gangs c) squad.
7. Another word for a thief is a) baton b) robber c) gang.
8. In order to prevent a criminal from running, police use a) handcuffs b) perpetrators c) fingerprints.
9. One of the first things detectives do at a crime scene is check for a) cruisers b) fingerprints c) felonies.
10. Another word for prison is a) jail b) court c) station.