Showing Places of Interest - English for Tour Guides

This page covers vocabulary needed by people working as tour guides in an English-speaking context.

land markSilence can be uncomfortable during a tour. While you can't talk the whole time, you should try to know as much about the history, scenery, and culture (in English) for the places where you are giving tours so that you can keep the tourists interested. If you ever run out of something to say, you can always point out something such as a landmark or a type of tree or flower. Here are some different ways you can point out interest points during the tour.

Tour Guide

  • In front of you is...
  • On your right/left you will see...
  • Up ahead...
  • On your left you will see...
  • As we turn the corner here, you will see...
  • In the distance...
  • If you look up you will notice...
  • Off to the north...
  • Look to the east...
  • To your west...
  • In a few minutes we'll be passing...
  • We are now coming up to...
  • As you will see...
  • You may have noticed...
  • Take a good look at...
  • I'd like to point out...
  • Keep your eyes open for...
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Tourist Questions

  • Is that were talking about?
  • Are we going to pass the...?
  • Are we going to see any...?
  • Is it on the right or the left?
  • I don't see it. Can you point it out again?
  • Did I miss it?
  • Will we see it on the way back?

Sample Conversation

Guide: It's about a three minute ride up to the top of the mountain. As we pass the two towers the gondolla may sway a little.

Man: This thing is safe, right?

Guide: Yes, you don't have anything to worry about. We do about 100 trips a day up the mountain, and these tours have been going on for over ten years without any accidents. Keep your eyes open for wildlife as we ascend. It isn't uncommon to see deer and even bears.

Woman: What's that mountain to the left called?

Guide: That's Mount Karen. And to the right of that with the three small points is Mount Brown. Now, if you look up straight ahead, you should be able to see a large eagle's nest. Does everyone see it there?

Man: Are there any baby birds?

Guide: That's a good question. I haven't seen any yet, but we usually see them around this time of year.

Woman: What's that lake down there, to the right of the green meadow?

Guide: I'm glad you asked. That's John Lake. It's actually a man made pond that was built as part of a conservation effort over twenty years ago. During the 70's there was a lot of clearcutting of forests in the area, and much of the wildlife was lost. Since John Lake was built, ducks, swans, and geese have returned to the area.

Man: Is this the highest mountain in this region?

Guide: No, actually, Mount Heather, which you we will be able to see in just a minute or so has the highest peak. But, this is the highest mountain for recreational purposes like skiing and guided tours.

Woman: Can you ski throughout the year?

Guide: No, it warms up enough to actually suntan up there in the summer. Oh, look everyone. There are two deer feeding in the clearing right below us.

Man: Thanks, that should be a great photo. So... what is there to do besides ski at the top of the hill at this time of year?

Guide: Oh, there's plenty to do. We have horseback riding, snowmobile tours, and a petting zoo for children. If you look to your left you'll see the snowmobile trail going through the mountain.

Check your understanding

Test your understanding of the conversation above with this quick quiz.

1. Where is this tour taking place?

on top of a mountain
on the way up a mountain
at the bottom of a mountain
a) on top of a mountain b) on the way up a mountain c) at the bottom of a mountain

2. Which of the following does the tour guide NOT point out during the tour?

a restaurant
a) scenery b) wildlife c) a restaurant

3. What does the tour guide do after he points out John Lake?

suggests they all go swimming
provides a brief history of it
quickly takes another question
a) suggests they all go swimming b) provides a brief history of it c) quickly takes another question

Your score is:

Correct answers: