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Vocabulary Quiz

1 There are many for kids including a zoo and a museum.
2 It is difficult to get your in this city, so please carry a map at all times.
3 The will try to sell you their homemade jewellery and housewares.
4 You will find a free shuttle with your airline ticket.
5 In order to appreciate the of the building, you really need to get off the bus and get closer to it.
6 We're going to be driving by farmland for the next ten minutes or so, so just and relax until we're closer to the city.
7 As you can see, the damage caused by the recent hurricane is very .
8 We do not smoking on the bus at any time.
9 The north tower is the only part of the castle that has been changed since the early 1900's.
10 We are coming up to the waterfall I mentioned earlier, which in my opinion is the most part of this tour.

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