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Tour Guide Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is based on the English covered by our tour guide vocabulary page.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. There are many for kids including a zoo and a museum.
2. It is difficult to get your in this city, so please carry a map at all times.
3. The will try to sell you their homemade jewellery and housewares.
4. You will find a free shuttle with your airline ticket.
5. In order to appreciate the of the building, you really need to get off the bus and get closer to it.
6. We're going to be driving by farmland for the next ten minutes or so, so just and relax until we're closer to the city.
7. As you can see, the damage caused by the recent hurricane is very .
8. We do not smoking on the bus at any time.
9. The north tower is the only part of the castle that has been changed since the early 1900's.
10. We are coming up to the waterfall I mentioned earlier, which in my opinion is the most part of this tour.