Hello Bingo!

Set up a page with 5 columns and 5 rows. Each box holds a different inquiry. Students must circulate around the room and speak with other students to complete the information in the boxes. The first student who completes the boxes in rows like a bingo game (across, down, diagonally) is the winner. This is an excellent activity for the first few days of class. Some inquiries that are especially good, and don't reflect a particular nationality are:

Someone who likes oranges Someone with more than 5 children Someone who has lived in more than 2 countries Someone who is married more than 15 years Someone who is married less than 1 year
Someone who cannot drive a car Someone who can use a computer Someone who... etc  
Someone who works in a restaurant Someone who... etc    
Someone who doesn't know how to cook etc    
Someone who visited the dentist this week (month)      

Contributed by: Ms Elle