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Group Improvisations

The Fire. Detective or journalist interviews witnesses (one of whom may be a suspect) about what they saw/heard/did. (The Fire can be changed to a Bizarre Noise, Disappearance, Murder, Theft etc). Lots of questions and past simple.

The Hold-up. Group of gangsters planning a hold-up. "Stop. Now it's two days after the hold-up and you're all in prison. Now discuss what actually happened, whose fault etc." Could be a Hi-jacking.

Socio-economic Inquiry/Comparison. Journalist interviews other students about their countries (hours, mentality, capital, pay, recreation etc). Suitable for mixed-nationality classes.

Television Interview. Filmstar, politician, sportsperson etc.

Television Program. Presenter interviews group of presidential candidates (or writers, film-makers etc).

Press Conference. Group of journalists interview a politician (or sportsperson, filmstar etc).

The Amnesiac. Student A is in bed in hospital, having lost his memory. The other Students are medical staff, police officers, visitors (family, friends etc) who try to bring memory back. They must be careful. A shock could be fatal.

The Extra-terrestrials. Two female aliens have come to Earth. Their appearance is totally human. Their mission is to procreate because they need to repeople their planet. They accost any unsuspecting male they can find, asking discreet questions to test them and so find suitable mates. They must be careful not to reveal the truth to the males because this will frighten them.

The Putsch. 1 Why: Guerrilla chief explains to followers. 2 Commitment: one or two outsiders want to join - therefore interview to test suitability. 3 Preparation: planning meeting. 4 Afterwards (in prison): interview with journalist about what went wrong.

Teachers' Meeting. Teachers discuss imaginary students to decide who should continue next year. One teacher is the "chairman" and has a list of students ("Now we'll discuss Erika...")

The Neighbour. A neighbour who needs to sleep or revise etc knocks on door and complains about the noise from a party.

The Adulterer. Starts with wife and lover. Husband arrives. Or vice versa.