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Pair Improvisations

The Small Ad. For sale/To rent/Friendship. Student A has seen a classified ad in the paper. Student A decides for herself the subject of the ad. She then chooses any other student (Student B, who has placed the ad) and calls her about it. "I'm calling about your ad for a live-in nanny..."

The Hypochondriac. Student A is a hypochondriac determined to have as many pills as possible. He consults Student B who is a doctor strongly averse to giving out pills willy-nilly.

The Loan. Asking to borrow. Then asking for repayment.

The Career Counselor. Student A has lost her job. She consults a career counselor about a suitable new profession. Lots of questions and advice (modals).

The Clairvoyant. Student A consults a clairvoyant. Asks questions about lover, money, health etc.

Parent(s) and Child. Child returns home late/doesn't want to go to bed/doesn't want to get up etc.

At the Pearly Gates. Individual interviews with St Peter to gain admission.

The Journalist and the Famous Actress. 1 Journalist tries to get interview. 2 Interview. 3 Actress is not at all happy with what is printed and complains (to journalist or editor etc).

Directions. A young girl stops passers-by in the street and asks for help/directions in finding an address.

Telephone Chain. Student A calls any student (Student B) about anything. When conversation finished, Student B calls any student (Student C) about anything. Keep the chain going. Must be fast. Good for warm-up. The answering student must make the next call (to maintain the dynamic).

The Tourist. Student A goes to another country (or planet) and calls home to tell Student B all about it.

The Chance Meeting. Two people who have not met for 5 years meet in a café/at a cocktail party etc. Ex-girlfriend, ex-boss etc.

The Answering Machine. Student A calls B and gets answering machine (B's voice). Leaves message.